Max HR Tech platform

All Talent needs.
One platform.

Unlock the power of seamlessly connected systems, processes and workflows, on the cloud. It’s time to maximize potential.

The power of three to maximize your HR practice

  • Contemporary

    Seamless, consistent, standardized and intuitively usable across a range of age groups and multiple touch points.

  • Contextual

    Our suite provides contextual guidance with personalized and relevant information for the next logical step in the user’s journey.

  • Composable

    Modular architecture, easy to use drag-n-drop, and repurposable components that suit the growing Talent Management needs of any industry vertical

Powering the business. Empowering the people!

The Max HR Tech Platform meets every need, from recruitment to retirement. No painful implementation. No long-winding integration cycles. No hits. No misses.
  • No-code automation of workflows
  • Setting up custom processes is now a breeze!
  • Mobile-first, keeping Gen-Z in mind

Max HR Tech Platform

Web & Mobile
Automation &

Platform capabilities, a closer look!

Our HR Tech Platform future-proofs your HR needs
Presenting a suite of cutting-edge components on which your modules run
Workflow Engine
AI Engine
Mobile & Web Framework
API Integration
BPM Layer
Automation & Intelligence
Analytics Engine
Reports Engine

Workflow Engine

Define any custom business processes with appropriate approvals.

AI Engine

Understands user wants and provides relevant information. ML capabilities keep the engine self-learning intelligently, over time. Voice-activated chatbot redefines employee engagement.

Security Engine

Built on seven layers of data security to manage rules and rights of access. Ensures total data protection.

Mobile & Web Framework

Intuitively designed UI ensures a seamless UX across multiple user touchpoints. Our mobile-first approach helps employees engage better.

API Integration

Integrates with multiple 3rd party solutions and legacy systems, via. secure APIs that provide signatures and tokens to get data authorisation.

BPM Layer

Offers total flexibility to integrate with any business process across business types, regions, and countries. Fully configurable and scalable.

Automation & Integration

Commonly used processes are fully automated and provide resource intelligence, saving time, cost and effort.

Analytics Engine

Analytics capabilities enable data representation based on user- controlled visualization.

Reports Engine

Allows users the flexibility to create their reports, via drag-n-drop, build and publish tools. Integrates seamlessly with the user security layer to provide ‘view’ or ‘edit’ access.

Benefit from our HR experience.
Enjoy assured ROI.


The Max HR platform easily adapts, grows and scales, based on the growing and changing needs of your business from employee size to business process


Change is inevitable! Mastering change management is where the future is. The extensible Max HR Platform empowers your business by accommodating process changes on the fly!

Easy Integration

The Max HR platform seamlessly integrates with legacy or third-party systems and applications providing you with a faster go-to-market advantage

Comprehensive View

Effortlessly manage the entire employee lifecycle from one platform.

Modular Build & Deployment

All the components within the Max HR Platform are built keeping scalability, stability, reliability and consistency in mind. Pick’n’choose apps based on your growing needs.

Information & Data Security

Role-based access privileges, secure authentication and authorisation, multi-tier cloud security. We’ve got your business securely covered.

Feature in Focus!

Hire right, hire fast: Max HR Resume-Scorer
  • A purpose-built tool that saves time, increases recruiter efficiency and ensures fit

  • Leveraging AI, our proprietary resume-scorer tool helps the recruitment team to identify talent within the shortest possible time.

Create meaningful engagement: Max HR Workforce
  • Enabling self-service driven employee engagement via popular tools of their choice, e.g. WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or similar.

  • Creates an environment for purpose-driven employee interactions, which promotes employee ownership of the organization.

Taking employee ambition to new heights: Max HR Talent
  • AI-assisted performance management enables the leadership to identify top performers. AI-driven reminders track and remind employees to complete their personal goal-setting and review process.

  • Takes the onus off HR personnel to ensure submission deadlines are met and ensure talent is grown and rewarded.

Handling monthly routines efficiently: Max HR Payroll
  • The Compensation Designer is powered by an efficient payroll processing engine that automates the payroll function. Across any country, currency, employee type or mode of salary.

  • Automating this routine monthly task frees up time for focus on priority and value-added activities.

Promote employee bonding and loyalty: Max Engage
  • Empowers the employee lifecycle via automated survey management tools, newsfeeds, events, communities and forums.

  • The attraction of collaboration and networking touchpoints builds employee bonds and strengthens the loyalty factor.

MAX Recruit

Exhaustive recruitment for exceptional talent

MAX Foundation

Single source of employee data from hire to retire

MAX Workforce

Manage and track employees with efficiency

MAX Engage

Your finger on the employee's pulse

MAX Payroll

Effectively manage compensation and benefits

MAX Talent

Align employee performance to company goals

MAX Learn

Upskill and reskill employees for better growth

MAX Insight

Greater insights with effective dashboards

The Max HR Tech Platform meets every need, from Recruitment to Retirement.

Leading businesses in every vertical have discovered the power of the Adrenalin HR Tech Platform. Check out what it can do for you, today!

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Success Stories

“We at Kunvarji Group chose Adrenalin HRMS as we needed a robust solution that could help us streamline and digitize our HR function and processes. The solution provided by Adrenalin is user friendly and covers all touchpoints from hire-to-retire.”

- Kunal Shah, CFO
  • In just 2 to 3 days entire Payroll processed across 14 Group Entities, over 10 Locations

  • 40% Cost reduction by Better Manpower Management

  • Automation of various activities through HRMS has Reduced the Turnaround Time

  • Easy to Track each and every activity, claim and approval

“Adrenalin delivers the enablement and proactive values that we need to achieve our business objectives. It is an essential element of our digital transformation strategy. Adrenalin allows our lean staff to focus on the right things – knowing we are in good hands.”

- Jayesh Saluja, Vice President (Group HR)
  • 85% Performance Appraisal Turnaround Time improved

  • 80% Reduction in Payroll Processing Time. Takes just 10 minutes

  • 90% Usage of all HR modules, has resulted in Higher Employee Engagement.

  • Filing of eTDS and issuing Form 16 from start to finish reduced from 20 days to 3 days

“Adrenalin HCM has empowered us with better control through seamless integration of all our HR functions. The modules are user-friendly and easy to understand, which makes it very effective in our daily operations, which is on a large scale.”

- Yugesh A, Senior Executive
  • A single source of truth for Employee Data Management.

  • Streamlined HR processes with a Total Automated Solution.

  • The rich UI & UX engages users thereby ensuring Deeper Employee Engagement.

  • The Support Team’s proactive and enthusiastic approach has ensured quick resolution with regard to Customer Assistance and Closing of Tickets.

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