Max Insight

Interactive dashboards that enable effective decision making

Generate actionable insights with data to make business decisions that impact the future of your organisation.

Interactive dashboards for a variety of metrics and parameters, in different formats with a great user experience. Make informed and effective decisions using actionable insights across the organisation.


  • Extremely light, powerful and easy-to-use tools that can handle the entire organisation’s reporting needs at ease
  • The self-service feature enables users to analyse data and build dashboards with meaningful visualisation without any coding skills
  • Store and access dashboards once created anytime anywhere
  • A highly configurable and scalable tool that allows you to include your branding in the dashboards
  • Module-wise admin rights to limit to role based access for dashboards for enhanced security
  • Easily shareable dashboards with a view or edit access
  • Visualisation can be designed using multiple data sources
  • Simple drag and drop dashboard & report builder that is easy to create & manage with minimal effort as per role privileges
  • Standard calculation methods and versatile calculated field options
  • Convenient drill down in visuals
  • Dashboard export to widely used file formats
  • Drill down to a whole new level!
  • Link your data points and fields to other dashboards or URLs to generate more informative visualisations using dashboard linking
MAX InSight
Insights and data are the new gold in today’s times. Making decisions with effective data and communicating these insights effectively is the need of the hour. Max Insights makes this more interesting with interactive dashboards and reports.

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